13 Jul International transport insurer TVM starts a collaboration with Brightmaven “ICT Company with an investigation license”.

Brightmaven has made her services available, not only to Dutch insurance companies, but also to TVM insurances, the biggest transport insurance company in Europe. Brightmaven will be deployed for the customers of TVM for retrieval of stolen and missing objects.

Brightmaven supports customers to rapidly retrieve stolen objects and reduce claims using the virtual detective “Sjerlok”. Sjerlok uses a combination of big data, artificial intelligence, semantic technology and experts (digital). Sjerlok searches the internet and other sources for stolen cars, boats and equipment. The information is collected, linked and compared to the information available about the stolen objects. Sjerlok also monitors records and handles collaboration and communication with other parties involved, such as police and investigation agencies.

“By combining our new technology with existing investigative expertise, we can achieve unprecedented results on an international level and build a self-learning ecosystem to fight theft and embezzlement,” says Ron Vermeulen, COO of Brightmaven.

Sjerlok enters the transportsector.

On the 1th of December 2016, the service of Brightmaven is launched in the Netherlands and now also available for TVM, the biggest transport insurance company in Europe. Brightmaven has its own team of specialists who take over the activities of retrieving stolen objects. By optimising and automating the process, retrieval success rate will increase, and theft of vehicles will become less profitable.

Laurens Stiekema, Manager Special Affairs of TVM verzekeringen: “The collaboration with Brightmaven is promising, because we can reduce our claims and actively help to fight transport crime “.

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