New Partnership: Helping Scandinavian insurers find and retrieve stolen assets

FaVer AS is Norway's leading independent environment for the investigation and fact verification of insurance claims. We’re happy to announce that together with FaVer, we are bringing our Sjerlok service to the Scandinavian market.

– Due to the closed borders, the number of thefts has decreased during Covid, says Stein Naustdal, General Manager and partner of FaVer AS. - Unfortunately, we expect the opposite to happen when the borders open this fall. The criminals are literally “scraping” on our borders, waiting to get in.

Theft of valuable assets cost insurers a large amount each year. The assets are usually quickly transported out of the country, making them difficult to locate - and even more difficult to retrieve. With Sjerlok you are able to solve both these issues.

– It’s a great pleasure to offer this service to the Scandinavian insures, says Naustdal. - These cases are difficult for the in-house investigators to handle by themselves, and most cases end up lost. Now we can feed Sjerlok with a thorough profile of the stolen assets, and the platform uses both technology and their experienced search team to locate the asset. Once it is located, Legentic’s extensive network of service partners can retrieve the object, from literally all over the world. They know how to work the “papermill” and which buttons to press, to get things sorted out with local authorities.

– We’re so happy to partner with a skilled and trusted company like FaVer, says Philip van Waning, responsible for partnerships in Legentic. – It makes it very easy for Scandinavian insurers to get started with Sjerlok. They just need to contact FaVer, who creates a profile of the asset and start to search for the asset via smart algorithms in an automated way. Then FaVer uses the Sjerlok platform to try to recover the stolen object, and our service partner network to retrieve it. The customer is offered a fixed price for all steps along the way. There is no license fee needed, all is based on “case by case”.

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Stein Naustdal, General Manager, FaVer AS ; Mobile: +47 940 34 131

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