Ensuring Happy, Successful Customers

Our mission is to provide our customers with the tools and know-how that empowers them to fight fraud and financial crime in a better, faster way. A world-class customer success team is essential to fulfill our mission. Meet Alessandro Sta, who recently joined Legentic to create this team.

Alessandro talking to his new collegues Erik and Robyn.

Alessandro Sta has a thorough background from the insurance industry, having possessed claim management roles in companies like Delta Lloyd and as Head of sales in his latest job at CED Europe. 

– I started my career in sales and advising for RVS/ING, but over the years I have held several management positions. Delta Lloyd, who I was with for almost 12 years, had a philosophy of moving managers around every 3rd to 4 years. So I got to run both the car claims department, bodily injury and I managed the claims and underwriting for Xclusief (private wealth clients).It was actually during my time here that I met Ron Vermeulen for the first time. Delta Lloyd was one of his sponsors when developing what was to become the Sjerlok-product. 

And here you are, what made you join Legentic?

– I kept in contact with Ron, and followed the development of his start-up. When he called me in January, I was naturally curious to know more about Legentic. I spoke with a lot of people, including Espen of course, and was so impressed by the people, the energy and the ambitions. We’re embarking on a growth journey that I want to be a part of. 

– A lot of large companies talk about the importance of culture. But in Legentic we walk the talk. It was amazing to meet everyone at our recent kick-off in Porsgrunn, Norway. The diversity is huge – “the Legentics” are literally of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds – but everyone has the same goal, and are eager to achieve that goal - together. 

Tell me, what are your plans for Customer Success?

– I’m responsible for the Customer Success Management in Europe. We need to be closer to our clients, through all touch points of the customer journey. My job is to develop a strong team to deliver on this. Our sales executives do an amazing job when selling our products, but we need to be equally great after they have signed the deal. We must help them use our products better, and we must have a close dialogue to pick up their wants and needs and pass this on to Product Management and the development team. Our goal is to have the highest customer satisfaction - and the lowest churn. 

– And Customer Success is really the key of our brand promise – we shall provide our customers with the tools, knowledge and insights to succeed in fighting fraud and financial crime.

Tell me a bit about yourself, outside work?

– Well, I’m half Italian so my summers are spent with my family there, close to Venice. I’m married and have a 16 year old daughter. Being a teenage dad can be challenging at times! My main hobby is running. I do the Rotterdam marathon every year, and this requires quite a bit of training. And I also do self defence training based on Defence Lab and kickboxing.

Best of luck with creating happy, successful customers! 

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