A groovy scale-up superhero

Our new Director of Sales and Marketing is a man of many skills and passions. One of which is being a part of the dance group “Groovy Daddies” in Amsterdam, close to his Dutch hometown Edam. Now Marc Mulder is bringing his moves to work, to take Legentic from “great to groovy”, as announced on our kick-off in September. And as you can see in the picture, The Legentics are always prepared to take a punch, when fighting financial crime. ;-)

Marc started his career at IT-companies like SAS and IBM before moving towards the insurance industry. He was Chief Commercial Officer in the insure-tech company FRISS, developing the company from 8 to 40+ countries over the course of 5 years.

“I am really passionate about scaling up companies. Seeing a potential and making it happen - through pushing the right, and sometimes the wrong, buttons. And learning from it,” Marc explains with energy and excitement. “When I got the opportunity to be a part of a growth journey once more, it was an offer I couldn’t refuse.”

Marc is responsible for our Sales & Marketing and will be making sure that Legentic grows in terms of new customers.

“We’re not going to be selling, but rather serving clients in the buying process,” says Marc. “Our mind-set needs to be that we help them buy, supporting potential customers in making the right decision. My goal is to make it a joy to do business with Legentic! Watch out for the Legentic logo up in the air: If you need help uncovering financial crime, we’re here to your rescue - just like Batman!”

Building a great culture is the secret to success, according to Marc’s experience.

“Working in different countries with different cultures, my icebreaker is apologizing: I’m sorry but I am Dutch,” Marc laughs. “Dutch are generally a bit direct. But also open and transparent. Just like Norwegians. These are important ingredients when building Trust and a great company culture.”

Passion and purpose - and a good amount of fun - are also essential parts of the “groovy-culture-cocktail”.

“Legentic is the vigilante fighting financial crime. That’s our purpose in life. We want to be the Batman and Robin in uncovering financial crime. To do so, we need to recruit and nurture talented and passionate “Legends”,” Marc says excitedly, before concluding: “Life is a journey, so get on this great ride, do good, create great memories – and have fun along the way.”

Do you want to be a part of Marc’s team? We’re currently recruiting a SDR in Legentics Amsterdam office (Johnny River Building) . Check it out and see if you can find Marc’s email address to reach out ;-)

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