How we work

We register it
Stolen object DNA

Sjerlok, supported by sophisticated DNA methodology, will then create a profile of each stolen asset and register it in the system. This process involves the collection of information concerning general, static and variable features of a good. Furthermore, due to cooperation with external sources (police, etc.), each profile is daily enriched with follow-up features and damage history.

We find it
Search & Match

Search & Match is the phase in which Sjerlok’s sophisticated matching and ranking algorithms with neural, semantic and social web technologies are called to action. In this phase, image, web and database search take place and  they are followed by matching procedure aiming at identification of a successful match. Throughout the entire process Sjerlok provides alerts about the state of search and match. It ensures that no successful match is missed. After the match is identified, our confiscation team takes over to check whether Sjerlok found the right asset.

We stop it
Confiscation & Recovery

Confiscation & recovery of stolen assets is carried out by our Global Partner Network in cooperation with Public institutions. We supervise the entire process by supplying necessary documents and contacting relevant institutions. The above cooperation is fueled by sophisticated recovery logistics, regular updates, and professional equipment. As a result, a  confiscated object is delivered directly to the customer

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