10 Nov New Big Data service Brightmaven searches for stolen and missing objects


Amsterdam/Venlo, November 10, 2016

 New Big Data service Brightmaven searches for stolen and missing objects

Delta Lloyd will be the first customer of its own spin-off Brightmaven BV. Brightmaven, previously Sjerlok, will be deployed for customers of Delta Lloyd, OHRA and ABN-AMRO insurance for retrieval of stolen and missing objects.

Brightmaven supports customers with technology and services to rapidly retrieve stolen objects. Furthermore, it reduces claims for insurance companies. Virtual detective ‘Sjerlok’ uses a combination of big data, artificial intelligence and old-fashioned research. Sjerlok searches the internet and other sources for stolen cars, boats, jewellery and electronic equipment, among others. The information is gathered, linked and compared with the information available about the stolen objects. Sjerlok also monitors records and takes care of cooperation and communication with other parties involved such as police and investigation agencies.

Delta Lloyd and AI company ‘8vance Matching Technologies’ jointly initiated the development of Sjerlok with investigative expert Triple Mi Company. With the start of Brightmaven, this innovative service now becomes available for the general market as well.
“By combining our new technology with existing investigative expertise, we can achieve unprecedented results and build a self-learning ecosystem to fight theft and embezzlement,”
says Han Stoffels, CEO van Brightmaven.

A smooth process leads to detection.
Since 2013, Delta Lloyd employs a special team dealing with active retrieval of stolen objects. Brightmaven takes over these activities using Sjerlok and an internal team of specialists. By optimising and automating the process, retrieval success rate will increase, and theft of vehicles will become less profitable.

Harry van der Zwan, managing director at Delta Lloyd-schade: “Delta Lloyd is the first insurance company in Europe to retrieve stolen objects by using a system. Now this innovative system is also offered to other insurance companies by means of Brightmaven. This will help improve the quality of the data and the effectiveness of the system. We wish Brightmaven much success in retrieving customer’s valuable possessions.”

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About Brightmaven

Brighmaven is a joint venture of Triple Mi Company and 8vance Matching Technologies. Brightmaven, with its Sjerlok platform – the digital detective in the cloud – its team of experts and its European network of Partners, takes care of profiling, searching, matching and recovery of stolen objects. Triple Mi Company provides its investigative expertise whereas the technology is provided by 8vance Matching Technologies.

About Delta Lloyd
Delta Lloyd is a financial service provider for products and services in the field of general insurances, life insurances, asset management as well as banking products and services.  Delta Lloyd is a listed company part of which are also  OHRA, BeFrank en ABN AMRO Verzekeringen. Delta Lloyd has more than 4000 employees (permanent fte’s) and is active in the Netherlands and Belgium.


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