DevOps Engineer

To maintain our complex cloud infrastructure, we are currently recruiting DevOps Engineer to our offices in Helsinki, Oslo or Cluj.

How you will spend your time as our DevOps Engineer

  • Your main responsibility will be to maintain our cloud infrastructure. Our system, which crawls and enriches open data from the Internet, handles massive amounts of data daily and provides near real-time search interface for our users.

  • You'll manage the monitoring and analytics of the infrastructure and keep it healthy and performant.

  • You'll develop our DevOps tooling: Provisioning automation, deployments, testing, backups and anything that will make the whole team's life easier – your own too. You'll evaluate, design and implement tools to accomplish that.

You will be successful if you have

  • Solid knowledge on Linux system maintenance

  • Experience on a configuration management tool such as Ansible, Terraform or Chef

  • Experience on monitoring tools such as Datadog, Zabbix or Grafana

  • Experience on using and configuring a cloud platform such as AWS or Azure

  • Knowledge or experience on good software development practices: Revision control, peer reviews, testing, documentation, etc. and knowledge of at least one programming language such as Python or Ruby.

  • Excellent ability to communicate with your team members and other parties, both face-to-face and in writing.  Our business language is English.

It would be great if you could also tick these boxes

  • Cl systems, e.g. Jenkins, Travis or Drone

  • Document search systems, e.g. Solr or Elasticsearch

  • System security

  • Containers (Docker/Kubernetes)


Our techies are located in Helsinki, Finland, Oslo, Norway and Cluj, Romania. But we try to hire the best person for the job, whether they are on-site or virtual. A good cultural fit is the most important attribute for this role. Our virtual workplace enables a team member to employ a self-motivated, disciplined, highly responsive approach in achieving team success.

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